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Privacy Policy:

Shenzhen Vista Photoelectricity Co., Ltd. (Vista) cares much your privacy on the internet. We think it essential to let you know how we deal with the information about you that we obtain through the internet. We will make every effort to protect your personal information provided by you on this Website.

I. Information Collection

You can ask for help, register and request data or participate in our activities through the Vista website. You may be required to provide necessary and relevant personal information so that we can provide you with better service, help you solve problems, etc.In collecting your information, Vista will give you proper warnings, choices and security guarantees. To make your visit effective and secure, the transmission of all personal information via the website must conform to the strict standard for internet security of Vista.

Generally speaking, if you just access the Vista website on the internet, no information about who you are will be shown or left. What our web server collects is the information about your access to our website rather than your e-mail address. This information will be collected on the anonymous basis for the statistics of visits, average time on site, pages viewed, etc. Based on such data, Vista obtain statistics on the use of our website and improve its contents.

II. Information Control

Vista will not disclose, or provide any third party with, the personal information you provide us through the Website, unless:

(1) your prior express authorization has been obtained;

(2) the products and services you require cannot be provided until your personal information have been disclosed;

(3) pursuant to relevant laws or regulations;

(4) as required by the relevant competent department of the government;

(5) to protect Vista’s legal interests and rights.

Any distributors or service providers of Vista that are permitted to use your personal information will guarantee by written agreement to keep such information confidential, and shall not use it for any purpose other than the performance of the services authorized by Vista. Without your prior approval, Vista will not use or share at its discretion, in the way irrelevant to the foregoing, your personal identification information you provide us online. We will firstly ensure your approval. We will not share your information with any third party on whom our confidentiality policy is not binding.

III. Link to the Third Party

Sometimes, our website may contain some links to other websites. In this case, if you choose to view such websites, the privacy policies or parameters, if any, of such websites will apply, but the privacy policies of Vista will not. Such links shall not constitute Vista's authorization of such acts.Vista provide users with such links only for convenience. Vista will not be liable for the contents on such websites. Before providing your personal information to any company, you are recommended to refer to the privacy policy of the company.

IV. Access to Personal Information

In order to protect your privacy and security, we will take proper steps to identify you, e.g. asking for your password and user account. Only after such steps have been taken to verify your identity, you are able to access or modify your personal information. Vista will try to keep your personal information accurate, and provide you with the abilities including the access to, update or change of your personal information online. If you forget your user account or password registered, please feel free to contact us for verification and recovery.

V. Handling of Personal Data of Users under 16

Vista will take care of the security of users under 16 to the most extent. We strongly recommend users under 16 to have the prior consents of their guardians before providing their personal information.

If you are a user under 16, when registering your name, address, telephone number or other personal data, make sure you do this with your guardians by your side.


COOKIES are data of a small size sent by the server to your browsers for the good use of the internet and very small text files left on your hard disks by the server. Once Cookies are used, the web server will record the data about the pages accessed by users. Through the Cookie, the web server is able to identify the computer used by a user but not the person who uses the computer. Users can change the settings of their browsers to reject Cookies or require a warning sign displayed when receiving Cookies.

Vista uses the IP addresses (numbers used to identify computers used) of visitors or users that are recorded in its web server out of the following purposes. A person cannot be identified through the IP address.

- examine the causes of problems with the web server and solve those problems.

- manage the web server, and improve the website to better satisfy users.

- Data acquired through the use of Cookies will be summarized, processed, edited and published sometimes, but this does not mean that Cookies can be used to identify users’ personal data.

VII. Disputes arising from the statements or use of the Website shall be governed by the law of the People’s Republic of China.

VIII. The right to interpret the statements and the use of the Website belongs to Vista.

Choice and Opt-Out

If you no longer wish to receive the Company's related Information, you may "opt-out" of receiving them by following the instructions included in each communication or by [email protected]

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