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Shenzhen LED display projects that benefit considerably
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2012 has passed, all the LED companies are in the direction of development planning 2012, Outlook 2013. On the led display screen industry is concerned, China's LED display not only the absolute market share in the domestic, but also occupy a certain share of the global market, and the formation of a stable export. Overall product quality and reliability have been significantly improved, the domestic LED display applications projects and key enterprises in the construction of major outstanding performance in the international market competition, the implementation of projects to undertake large-scale display systems and other aspects of capacity significantly increased.


The past two years the LED display industry innovative products continue to come out, the industry technology innovation active product development capabilities continue to strengthen. To meet specific application requirements, technology development, technical support and guarantee empowerment of key technical and mainstream product development is more mature. Simultaneously with the LED display technology, in the traditional LED large screen display technology and products based on, LED display products in the industry market share increased year by year.


Although domestic not yet formed a new, unified standard LED, but the LED display industry associations and related enterprises have been actively promoting the products and technological exchanges and carry out standardization work through technical standards, product testing and other technical means to effectively promote the industry technology products The standardized development; such as the LED display industry leading technology companies to actively join Li Xiang, Wise News MIIT flat panel display technology standards working group, participating in the LED industry standard construction. Standardization led to the upgrading of the level of industrialization, industrial layout reflected the accumulation effect, prompting the LED industry in general by the previous "olive" to "dumbbell-shaped" change.


With the gradual improvement of the LED industry standard, LED display screen will further intensify competition in the industry, and the display market in mainland China in recent years, the rapid turnover has grown up quite a few large enterprises, the scale effect is manifested. Display market in the future will become more standardized, large-scale, modular. With the increasingly wide application surface LED display, cost more and more, the price more affordable, while the national 4 trillion investment-driven a lot of applications, LED display market will continue to grow rapidly. In the application, such as the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail in every major stations have four large HD LED display screen, China to build the world's largest high-speed rail network, this will be an enormous demand for LED display. This is just a microcosm. Market is growing, more and more companies to join, but there will be some companies were discarded.


A good business should adapt to market changes. Torrent in the market to maintain its own style, with better products to consolidate their position in the market, there are rumors that it be eliminated, but from their own starting to find a breakthrough, the product brewed into a classic, and even social unable submerged brilliant.

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