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LED display market trends
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LED display market trends


LED display screen with high brightness, high energy, rich colors, the play mode is diverse and many other advantages, loved by the market for high-speed development. However, with the market demand for increasingly high standards, so that at the initial stage of the LED display was obvious technical defects. LED display manufacturers are increasingly focusing on product development and application of technology.


According to the data of the LED industry, the 2012 LED display prices continue to decline in 2011 year-on-year decline in the 15% -20%. The reason is that has the strength of large manufacturers hope that the price war part of the small and medium-sized manufacturers eliminated. Prices fall, further compressing the gross margin. Insiders said that the current in the main channel full color LED display manufacturers product gross margin has dropped to the level of 10% -15%, the Channel in product gross margin is still more than 20%.


LED display market will move towards the development of the following aspects:


Applications continue to expand, the industry has maintained steady growth. Small spacing large-screen, high-definition, color reproduction, point-by-point correction, control circuit and power to automatically repair technology breakthrough and development will further expand the field of application of LED screen industry, the industry needs to maintain steady growth.


Facing the industry integration, as the industry has entered a stage of stable development, the market return to reason, the number of industry leaders landed in the capital markets, capital markets, driven by the restructuring and consolidation, industry listed companies with capital, scale, technology and brand on The industrial pattern readjust. With the LED display industry entered a period of consolidation in the next few years will be part of the small and medium-sized enterprises will be phased out. Technical strength and capital strength LED electronic display manufacturers in the integration phase, is expected to borrow the power of capital markets and corporate technology and channel advantages achieved rapid development. The next 2-3 years, LED electronic display industry concentration will be improved rapidly.


From the current level of competition in the domestic LED electronic display industry is still in the early stage of the competition level, the competitive key indicators reflected in: price, quality, delivery time, service and other aspects, the price elements at this stage, especially prominent. LED display screen enterprises fierce competition has forced LED display prices continue to decline, a drop in prices of LED devices but also to promote one of the factors of the LED screen product prices fell.


LED display applications become more broad economic recovery, the 2013 LED display will be a technology and market maturing.

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