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LED display market prospects
From:vistaled   Time:2012-11-23 14:41:00   Views:  

On the current the domestic LED electronic display industry, market competition point of view, at this stage in the product competition in the early stages, competition key indicators is reflected in several aspects: price, quality, delivery time, service and other price elements at this stage, especially prominent.


LED display prices continue to fall in 2012, the year-on-year decline in the 15% -20%. The deeper reason is that the LED display prices continue to decline, has the strength of large manufacturers hope that the price war part of the small and medium-sized manufacturers eliminated. The prices on the decline, further compression of the gross profit margin. The main channel LED electronic display manufacturers product gross margin has dropped to the level of 10% -15%, the Channel in product gross margin is still more than 20%. LED electronic display manufacturers profitability is still weak, revenue regressive LED manufacturers, or more than 30%.


LED electronic display industry has entered a mature stage, LED display market will maintain steady growth. LED electronic display market growth in the next few years will remain at 10% -20%. Electronic led display screen future profit growth will come from traditional printing, neon signs, billboards alternative market, as well as high-definition, 3D, intelligent multi-functional high-end LED electronic display market.


At present, mainland China LED electronic display competitive, but still at an early, the competitive key indicators is reflected in the price, quality, delivery time, after-sales service and other aspects, especially prominent elements of the price at this stage. With the development of the market, electronic led display screen industry has entered a period of consolidation, some small and medium-sized enterprises in the next few years will be phased out. Technical strength and capital strength LED electronic display manufacturers in the integration phase, is expected to borrow the power of capital markets and corporate technology and channel advantages achieved rapid development. The next 2-3 years, LED electronic display industry concentration will be improved rapidly.


LED display with a low-voltage scan driver with low power consumption, long life, low cost, high brightness, large viewing angle, viewing distance, waterproof, specifications varieties, etc., to meet a variety of different application scenarios demand and broad development prospects. Has been widely used: the more upscale places, such as large Plaza publicity, commercials, sports venues information, dissemination of information, press releases, securities transactions. In addition, the LED display screen market with the second and third tier cities gradually open the market demand will be growing; while the global economic recovery, will make the international market increase, so the future development of the LED display industry will be more good.


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