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LED display close to the people's livelihood, popular
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LED display screen Nowadays, Many outdoor LED displays on the market are built using SMD technology—a trend that is now extending to the outdoor market. The SMD pixel consists of red, green, and blue diodes mounted in a single package, which is then mounted on the driver PC board. The individual diodes are smaller than a pinhead and are set very close together. The difference is that the maximum viewing distance is reduced by 25% from the discrete diode screen with the same resolution.


outdoor use generally requires a LED display screen that is based on SMD technology and has a minimum brightness of 5000 candelas per square meter (cd/m2, sometimes informally called nits). This will usually be more than sufficient for corporate and retail applications, but under high ambient-brightness conditions, higher brightness may be required for visibility. Fashion and auto shows are two examples of high-brightness stage lighting that may require higher LED brightness. Conversely, when a screen may appear in a shot on a television studio set, the requirement will often be for lower brightness levels with lower color temperatures; common displays have a white point of 6500–9000 K, which is much bluer than the common lighting on a television production set.


Advertisements are designed to advertising LED display products. It has many advantages, LED display screen, convenient installation (mobile), less investment, information capacity for many advertisements (a), efficient, and any information can be displayed on the LED display ads, no matter where in the night, and good effect, the traditional view of cable screen cannot be compared.


The LED display screen panel of advertising can change at any time. Led advertising display can display the 24 hours service different customers of different advertisements. All the LED display show information management and through LAN or Internet remote control PC control. To change a symbolic information, it just click with the mouse button to change, very convenient. Advertising LED display will also use for rent led display,rental led panel screen,and so on


Our company Professional production outdoor LED display,indoor led screen,sport led display,rental led panel,stage led signs,advertising LED display,move led panel,.We have built up special channels for the export business.Our market covers countries like U.S.A, England, Austria, Romania, Spain, Austria, Israel, Egypt, Germany, France and Turkey etc. Many companies keep a long term cooperation with us for the consultancy and the series projects.

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